The HotTest pink

Could @anabeth.jpg be any more vibrant?!? Check her feed and you'll see a woman who knows the *JOY* of color.

I'm always a lover of this hot pink but rarely a wearer of it. Maybe it's this gorgeous combo with the royal and the pop of aqua in the earrings, or maybe it's the accordion pleat skirt, but I'm ready to go get all the pieces to recreate this look myself right away.

Obv, I'm talking Secondhand First kind of 'go get'

This one was a bit harder than I expected to gather relevant pieces, but I've still put together a healthy board of gems you can purchase to recreate a similar look.

As usual here's a little preview of my faves! What surprised me most was how many crush worthy statement earrings I found in aqua blue...

Are you a reseller with items relevant to this outfit? Share them here so we can check them out!

Why do I love this outfit?

Aside from the fact that the colors fill me with energy and joy, I really like the versatility of this outfit. It moves comfortably between work (tuck the shirt in if needed) and evening out and is equally as cute for weekend get togethers and events (assuming we get to those things IRL again some day)

The individual elements of the outfit are versatile pieces as well, ad can cover a lot of ground in your wardrobe.

#buttondowntop #midiskirt #motojacket #statementearrings

Are any of these elements in your closet already? Can you remix clothes you already own to create a similar outfit? If you need to fill in some holes, or want very specific pieces to make an outfit like this, follow this pinterest board for an ever expanding collection!

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Xo ~j.