Subtle 70's Vibe

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

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Really loving a good 70’s vibe these days - currently awaiting a recent purchase of denim flares so I can recreate this look I love. Thanks to the always fabulous @benitarobledo who regularly inspires me with not just her style but her graceful activism too.

Another great OuTfit template!

I once read that skinny jeans are basically the leggings of denim - and it’s true they lend themselves to a more casual vibe. Flares, by comparison, look elevated without any extra effort - #upstyling at it’s finest. Plus, when they’re high waisted like Benita’s, they also make your legs look like they go on for DAYS!

This is a simple outfit, but with a pair of flares and few statement blouses to rotate, you can have several outfits that are both perfectly easy and totally on trend for the rest of 2020.

#statementblouse #highwaistflares #anklebooties

Remember, using clothes you already own is the *most* sustainable option! What do you have that you can use own to create a similar outfit? If covid quarantine has impeded your search for the perfect 70’s flares and pussy bow blouse, scroll on for some gems!

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And now, on to the shopping!

Anyone else have a sweet spot for the puffy sleeves and pretty bows of blouses from the 70’s and 80’s? There’s a nearly endless inventory of these blouses available, here are a few dozen by size that you can browse on Pinterest, along with some great 70’s flares. Some good 90’s-does-70’s jeans too.

Some faves:

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Xo ~j.