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Radiate your inner awesome.

Transform your vibe and maximize your impact with a year of conscience driven personal styling.

You know it feels good when you’re happy with how you look, but let’s be real. Life is full and style isn’t your top priority. Cutting out the daily indecision about what to wear would be huge.

Your Year of Style Includes:

Closet Management


Our year kicks off with a deep dive video call.


You’ll walk me through your closet. I’ll get a solid sense of your tastes & preferences. We’ll cut out the clutter and identify the pieces that make you shine.

With fresh eyes I’ll suggest new ways to wear what you already own, and help clarify what’s missing.

Imagine having a closet full of clothes you LOVE, and a go-to style sense. Getting dressed becomes delightful.


Shopping doesn’t feel like a waste of time and money on a useless pursuit when you know exactly what to buy. And no more buyer’s remorse bringing you down!


Even more beautifully, being intentional about your style aligns perfectly with your desire to do more Good in your life.

Clothing + On Call Style Support

for the same cost of clothes alone.

The Breakdown

  • One Closet deep dive + styling session

  • Four Personal style boards + shopping lists

  • Four Personal style deliveries

  • Four Delivery integration calls

  • Three Wishlist review calls

  • 12 months of Style 911 text messages


Personalized, on-call style support for a full year

PAY IN FULL: $1295



$250 upfront + $100 per month for the year

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