Less effort, more clothes you love.

Outsource shopping to a pro who can deliver the pieces you need for the look(s) you want.

Feminist values? Eco concerns? A general aversion to shopping?

Whatever your reasons for avoiding the mall, your style doesn’t have to suffer.

  • An epic closet cleanse to clear clutter and find renewed inspiration in your current wardrobe (via video calling)

  • Detailed wishlist management & shopping list curation

  • Style refresh sessions (via video calling)

Your Seasonal Shopper Service


Life’s too short for chores you dread.

What if you traded hours spent shopping for hours doing things you find most fulfilling?


Would your whole day be different if it started with clarity, choosing what to wear from a closet full clothes you LOVE?

Imagine how your life would look if a little extra ease & confidence in your style inspired more confidence in your work, relationships, and life as a whole. The seasonal shopper service offers a simple solution to help get you there.  

For the cost of buyer’s remorse,

you can have shopper’s delight.

The Breakdown

  • One Closet cleanse + styling session 
  • Three Seasonal style board + shopping lists 

  • Two Seasonal Style refresh & wishlist review calls 



Save with a single payment of $595

Or choose to make three monthly payments of $228