Comfort + Style = Winning Combo

Image by @maddiekayphoto

If you're looking for comfort, there's no need to default to yoga pants everyday (unless that's your absolute preference - then you do you babe!) This updated retro look from @curvygirldc delivers a super fresh style that's easy to wear whether your day has errands around town, working from home, wrangling the littles, or all of the above.

breaking down the look

For everyday style, swapping skinny jeans for a maxi skirt is a welcome change, especially when paired with funky sneakers or flats.

Polka dots add a little extra fun for a basic button-down. To dial up the retro vibe, go for the scarf around the neck, or tie it to your wrist or handbag for a more contemporary feel.

Here are the elements this look is made up of:

#buttondown #midiskirt #sneakers #statementearrings #scarf

It's quite likely you've a lot of the pieces you need to recreate this look hanging in your closet right now. If you need to fill in some holes, read on for the easiest second hand shopping available...

Shopping the Look, Secondhand First

You know how we roll - if you like this look, there's a board on Pinterest dedicated to look-a-like styles. Follow it for an ever expanding collection of currently available secondhand items you can purchase to recreate a similar look.

Here's a little preview of a few of my favorite as of posting! Yes, secondhand shoes are controversial to some, but can't lie - pretty much obsessed with all of the black and white shoe options...

Are you a reseller with items relevant to this outfit? Share them here so we can check them out!

Xo ~j.