Blossoms and Stripes

As you may know, pattern mixing is my go-to daily style vibe, so naturally this outfit from @chante_allday immediately caught my eye. She's 4 way pattern mixing here like a *boss*.

  1. Leopard print sunnies - almost a neutral in my book

  2. Bold floral AND

  3. Pinstripe stripe blouse - business, but make it bold

  4. Multi-directional pinstripe skirt - A+++++

If you're just getting started with pattern mixing, find two pieces united by a color or two and throw them together. Animal prints can often be mixed in for an easy third.

Recreating the Look, Secondhand First

While there were lots of cute ruffled/striped skirts, finding blouse as amazing as the original was one of my bigger challenges - a handful captured both the stripes and the floral, but mostly I defaulted to bold florals. In the preview of some of my faves below, you'll notice I also subbed the leopard print into the booties on some of my finds.

Here's the entire board on Pinterest with an ongoing collection of currently available secondhand items you can purchase to make a similar look.

Are you a reseller with items relevant to this outfit? Share them here so we can check them out!

What Makes a Good Outfit?

As you can see, the elements this outfit is made up of are pretty straightforward. By choosing pieces that had a little extra style (multiple prints on the top, ruffled shape on the skirt) @chante_allday put together an outfit that's another great example of #upstyling

#buttondown #miniskirt #anklebooties

Which of these elements do you have that you can remix to create a similar outfit? If you need to fill in some holes, or want very specific pieces to make an outfit like this, follow this pinterest board for an ever expanding collection!

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Xo ~j.