Better Style. Better World.

Feel Great About

Your Impact

AND Your Outfit

There’s a dirty little secret that’s increasingly hard to ignore: Fashion brands we give our money to on the regular are NOT doing right by women around the world.


But what to do with that information?!? Imagine if it was easy to know where to direct your spending that had clothes you love and VALUES you love too.

The Benefits:

A personalized service that empowers you to elevate both your personal style and your global impact without an ounce of guesswork.

Meet Socially Conscious Styling

Outfit Ease

No more wondering what to wear.


Get dressed. Feel Great.


Get on with your visions & ambitions. You’ve got power beyond measure beauty.

Real Impact

By shopping with our social values in mind, we have the opportunity to have

massive impact.


The benefits ripple out through our world.

Style Support

Uncover the styles that feed your confidence, and know where to buy them.

It’s game changing for your vibe, your impact, and the planet

Hi, I’m Jennifer

| Founder, Feminist, Fearless Pattern Mixer |

Taking the time to think about your style might feel a little superficial, but we all have to get dressed.



Every. Damn. Day.



There’s a lot of Good that can come from doing it with attention, alignment to social values, and dare I say - Delight!



Consider me your easy style solution so you can stay focused on the issues you’re most passionate about.

Want quick inspiration to better use what's already in the closet + easily identify accessible, values aligned ways to shop?

Looking for more go-to outfits you LOVE while

prioritizing care of the planet + her inhabitants?

We’ve got a community for that!


“Let the Beauty we Love

be what we Do."

~ Rumi